Kelly Yazdi

Have you ever been smiled at so warmly by someone that you felt like you had known that person your entire life? That’s what it’s like to meet Kelly Yazdi. 

If you don’t already know this warm-hearted, genuine and spirited motorcycle powerhouse, get to know her via her answers below. We’re thrilled to have been able to connect with her during this unprecedented time of social separation, especially during the start of motorcycle season when the moto community is usually hopping from event to event and spending time on two wheels with people from around the country. Connecting with Kelly was so much fun and we can’t wait to see her in person, hopefully at a Wild Gypsy Tour event this summer! 

What’s the Wild Gypsy Tour, you ask? It started as an all-female event in Sturgis, then “evolved into a community-based platform that produces and supports initiatives for women by women across the U.S. and beyond.” Read on to learn more about WGT and the incredible Kelly Yazdi. 

What inspired you to start the Wild Gypsy Tour? 

Wild Gypsy Tour was inspired by women riders, it’s as simple and as strong as that. It was inspired by the kind of women who are passionate about creating the life of their wildest dreams. (If you’ve ever read Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, you know what I’m talking about. If not, go grab yourself a copy as I guarantee if will change your life.) And to be fair, it’s taken a team of strong women to raise Wild Gypsy Tour into the being that it is today; teamwork will always make the dream work.

WGT serves as a platform to bring women riders together – an entity for women by women – a place for the unbridled spirits to connect and enjoy the journey of life, together.  Tribe, Adventure, and Purpose are the core inspirations and motivations behind WGT and it’s what we value most. 

You not only organize and run WGT, but also model, act and are a brand ambassador for several major brands/companies in the community.  What is it about what you do that is so fulfilling to you? When did you know you wanted to pursue this path?

I’ve always been a firm believer in finding your passion, pursuing your dreams, and following your heart with everything you’ve got. Living a mediocre life never interested me and so I’ve always pursued the things that lite my soul on fire – Wild Gypsy Tour, riding motorcycles, modeling, acting, and working with brands I love are all things that sing to me.  The older I get the more things I’ve added to that list, but I also think that that’s what life is all about, ya know? You only have one life to live so why not pursue all the things that you want?  

I don’t necessarily think there was an “ah-ha” moment that happened in my life that made me live the way that I do, but rather I think it’s a daily decision I make every morning.  I look at Following your heart and living the lifestyle you want as muscles that you have to develop; they are choices you have to make everyday when you wake up in the morning.  It’s a daily practice that once you commit to you will start manifesting amazing things and experiences into your life; your life will soon become everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.  

Do you have a favorite ride or moment in which you felt especially connected to the riding community?

Every single time I get to ride a motorcycle with one of my friends, I feel like the luckiest person in the world and my soul-fire is stoked.  Seriously, it’s one of the greatest feelings to get on bikes with your friends and go rip around; it’s something I’ll never take for granted and it will forever be one of those things that keeps me married to motorcycling. 


What do you love about the female riding community? 

Everything.  It’s really such an inspirational and sensational community that continues to strengthen with grace and participation.  One of my things in particular is the essence of acceptance that is organically felt throughout every niche of the community, and what I mean by that is how everyone – every kind of rider and woman – can be a part of this space. It’s a really beautiful thing to see such love and acceptance within a community, and I believe it’s what’s attributing to our massive growth within the motorcycle culture at large. 

When you were young, you knew you wanted to live in Hawaii. What is it about Hawaii that spoke to you at such an early age?

I have a serious love affair with Hawaii – always have.  I remember when I was a little girl and I visited the island for the first time, I was absolutely blown away by the mana the spirit/energy – of the place and I knew I had to live here someday. It’s really been a dream come true being able to live here and everyday I count my blessings for being able to live out that dream. 

P.S. Riding motorcycles on the coast of Hawaii should be on everyone’s bucket list; it’s out of this world magical.  

Anyone who knows you knows that you are insanely fit. What is it about working out that you love? Or do you actually hate it but do it anyway? 

You most certainly had me laughing out loud with this one.  I actually love exercising and although I have my days where gravity seems to glue me to the couch, I always muster up some motivation to get up and move. I guess I’ve always had this passion for movement and play, and I believe that’s what led me down this path of staying fit, competing in athletic endeavors, participating in races and mud runs, working as a stunt woman, and beyond.  I’m an adventure junkie, so naturally maintaining a fit lifestyle comes with that.   

You travel a lot! Is there a place you’ve traveled to, whether you were on a motorcycle or not, that was particularly special to you and for what reason?

At the end of 2019, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Indonesia with some friends and explore the island of Bali.  It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life for so many reasons. The point of the trip was to adventure on two-wheels and we did just that – running wild, playing with monkeys, exploring ancient lands and the diverse island culture. It was most certainly a wellness retreat for the wild ones,  and the trip holds some of the most precious memories of my life.  If you’re interested to learn more, make sure to check out as I know they are chartering adventures to Bali as well as Thailand. 

Once it’s safe to travel again, where’s the first place you want to go and why?

I’m for sure heading back to Alaska for some adventure as soon as Quarantine is over (I used to live there before I moved to Hawaii). I miss that place every single day and I can’t wait to get on two wheels and explore more of the Last Frontier. 


To keep up with Kelly, follow her @kellyyazdi and the WGT @wildgypsytour and/or sign up for their email list.

Hope to see you at one of the WGT events!


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  1. Ohene
    Ohene says:

    Great feature piece about a Tremendous Lodestar of Moto-Culture. Whether you’re a friend or a follower, if you’ve known of Kelly, then you know she is the physical embodiment of the phrase, “A life well lived,” and she’s not finished yet.
    Nicely done, Jennifer.


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