Cait Maher

Cait Maher

If you live in SoCal, you probably know of the California Moto Market, which means you have met the incredible Cait Maher. If you haven’t met her…well, she’s as energetic as she is motivated. Not only does she put on a great show stocked full of women’s motorcycle gear, but she brings together riders & designers who are giving the motorcycle industry a shove in the right direction. Read on to learn more about this mega babe.

What do you ride? 

I ride a Moto Guzzi V7 Classic. I have a few other smaller bikes, but the Guzzi is my main squeeze. If you’ve spent any time talking to me about bikes, you’ll know how much of an obsession I have with it.. that bike has taken me everywhere I want to go, and has yet to let me down. I feel just as comfortable at 2k miles as I do at 2! I’d love to see more out on the roads, but I also love that I’m usually the only Guzzi rolling up to an event.

What is your next motorcycle going to be and why?

I’d love to get a vintage Guzzi. I started on vintage bikes, and if it weren’t for the magic of electric starters, I’d only have vintage! I have a 1978 Hondamatic that needs to be put back together, so that is technically going to be my next bike. The frame and tank has been hanging out in my bedroom for about a year or so, and I think it’s about time I got it rolling again!

Use 1 word to describe how you feel when you ride.


What’s your favorite piece of gear right now? 

I’ve got a few favorites right now, one of which are my Worse for Wear jeans. I finally managed to break them in, and they fit like a glove! They are a fairly dense denim/Armalith blend, so it takes some serious use to get them to relax… but once they do it’s like putting on a slice of heaven before you ride! I swear I am a more confident rider when wearing them, and I never have to worry about my ass vs. asphalt if something were to go sideways. I tend to wear them while I’m working on bikes as well, as I’ve ruined many regular pairs jeans just banging around the garage.

What gear or tool do you never leave home without? 

Without fail, I have a handlebar mount for my phone (right now its a X-Grip) as I’m one of those riders that lives by GPS, paired with a bluetooth unit in my helmet (Cardo Scala Packtalk) and I don’t think I’d willingly ride without them. I even brought my phone mount with me to Sturgis, as I knew the loaner bike I’d be riding wouldn’t have one! It totally saved my ass out in the middle of nowhere too!

What’s your main gig and do you have a side hustle?

I’m currently in the process of turning my side hustle into my main gig! I’ve been a hairdresser full time for about 8 years now, and I knew I would love to wedge my foot in the door of the moto industry… so last summer I started a women-centric pop-up market for motorcycle gear called California Moto Market. It features women’s motorcycle gear brands exclusively, and has the widest range of women’s moto gear in one place. I remember thinking it was ridiculous that I had to spend an hour trying to find out which local dealership might have riding jeans in my size, only to ride over and find out they don’t carry the brand anymore! The women riders out there don’t need any more excuses to not wear protective gear, and so my aim was to get them all in one place, so they could buy and try right then and there. My next hurdle is to get the local dealers to realize that the women riders are here to stay, and that great fitting protective gear will always be needed (minus the tribal glitter butterflies, of course).

What keeps you motivated? 

The thought that keeps me motivated: we’ve come so far in the past few years… we have so many new companies, moto festivals, social riding groups, and an ever larger presence in the industry… and yet that industry is barely listening to what we have to say. We are now NO LONGER 14% of the industry. They cannot keep ignoring us, or telling us that catering to women riders won’t be worth it to them. That’s what keeps me motivated! Until we are taken seriously by the industry we love so much, we should not be resting.

If you work on your bikes, what do you like doing the most and what was the most challenging to learn?

I learned to work on my bike from youtube. When I bought my kawasaki KH100, it needed a carb cleaning. There just happened to be a video on how to clean a carb, and poof! I was learning! I am slowly learning how to work on my Guzzi, but that thing is so fickle. We recently changed out the wheels from spoked to cast, and had to disassemble everything on the back end to get the damn wheel off. I have plans to do a few superficial things like swap out the tank and handlebars, and at some point I’m going to get an oil change in. The most challenging thing for me right now is diagnosing a problem. I can hear that it’s running rough, but I haven’t the slightest clue as to where to start looking for the issue.

To see more of Cait, follow her at @caitmadethat or check out the California Moto Market at @californiamotomarket